Yearly coaching is the most cost effective option to work with me.

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Select Duration:
Select Duration:
You will have complete 1 : 1 Coaching Support during your Transformation Journey via telegram chat.
Includes all Course & Journey Features, plus..
1 : 1 Coaching and Feedback
1 : 1 Daily Chat Support (Telegram)
Detailed Feedback on Exercise Forms
Solving all your doubts/queries


Select Duration:
Select Duration:
You will have complete 1 : 1 Coaching Support during your Transformation Journey via telegram chat.

Online payment is not working for this option currently. Please pay via direct bank transfer.
Includes all Course & Journey Features, plus..
1 : 1 Coaching and Feedback
1 : 1 Daily Chat Support (Telegram)
Detailed Feedback on Exercise Forms
Solving all your doubts/queries



Should I opt for Course or Journey or Coaching?

Take Course if: you are looking for a cost-effective body transformation plan. Through 24 video lessons, you will get all the knowledge, systems and templates you need to transform your body, make your own plans, and become self reliant. Click here to visit course page.

Take Journey if: You want customised training/nutrition plans designed by me. I will be monitoring your progress with weekly/monthly checkins, and provide feedback if you share regular updates. Journey includes full access to course so you can keep learning at your own pace as well. Click here to visit Journey Page.

Take Coaching if: You are 100% committed to transform and want 1-1 daily coaching support at every step of your transformation journey. Coaching includes all the features of the course and journey.
Click here to visit Coaching Page.

NOTE: We provide the option to PAUSE your coaching - if needed.

When will I get access to the course once I enroll in any of the 3 plans.

You will get course access on the same day. You will receive our email in next 60 minutes with your username and password.

Will my injuries/health conditions be taken care of in plan?

Yes, your training and diet plans will take care of your unique constraints/injuries/health conditions. However, we are not medical professionals and please be sure to work under your doctor's instructions.

Are there calls involved, if I opt for "Coaching"?

The communication will happen over telegram app. At any point you can share your queries as bullet points or voice message if needed. To which, we will revert with a detailed response - as text or voice text if needed. Please note there are no voice or video calls involved in the process. You can see the next FAQ to understand why we do not communicate through calls.

Why your coaching does not involve 1:1 calls?

I believe in keeping things extremely organised. Any queries you have will be answered in the most detailed fashion on telegram chat. On calls, the communication becomes dilute & reactive from both ends. On chat, the communication is organised and streamlined. You will receive the most detailed response to each of your queries - including relevant resources/links from internet. This level of detailed response is simply not possible on calls.

Furthermore, the chat will serve as the one place that records your entire fitness journey - like a thread. I don't want to include calls and raise the coaching price by 5 times, I honestly do not see the value addition. I used to charge INR 10,000 for a 60-90 mins of my time for 1-1 calls, until I realised that what happens on call - can happen in a much detailed manner on chat at significantly lesser cost to the client.

We have incredibly strong systems at Hypertroph. Our coaching style works - it is effective, systematic and extremely detailed. This way helps us serve you best while keeping the coaching cost for you very reasonable. - Coach Siddharth

Which is the best coaching plan for me? 3 or 6 month?

The time interval is upto you to decide. To produce meaningful results- we need at least 3 months of time. Best Transformations usually take 6 months or longer. Ultimately, you are stepping on a lifelong journey, and we are only here to save you time and accelerate your learning curve. Longer time frame makes coaching cost effective on a per month basis, has a higher commitment going on for client, and hence - high success rate.

What are the qualifications of the Coach? Which Certifications?

Coach Siddharth is Henselmans Certified PT, which is one of the highest industry standard for nutrition and biomechanics. You can check certfication details here.

How does the nutrition chart looks. Is it just a set of guidelines, or you give exact meals with portion sizes for everything along with macros.

Your nutrition plan will be extremely detailed, and structured. In each meal, you will have different options. In each meal option, you will know exactly how much portions (in grams) you should put on your plate.
We will start with a simple meal plan, priority being “ease of execution”. Imagine learning to drive a car, you learn that on safe simple roads and not directly on complicated mountain roads or busy highways. But once you learn how to drive, you can drive anywhere.

You will have a substitution guide to replace any food item in your meal plan depending on what is available to you in a particular scenario. This will help you learn the art of skillful eating in a playful manner. You will understand "food".

Similarly, once you learn how to eat with a simple and easy to execute meal plan, you can learn how to eat anything, anywhere. And that is what our goal is, not to keep you dependent on "a diet plan" but rather to tear away the diet plan and become a skilful eater.

Even if you want to eat something totally different outside the meal plan, the plan will tell you roughly what Macros to look for. Again we’d like to re-emphasise here that we are not going on a diet plan, that’s a limiting perspective. We are learning "how to eat".

And your nutrition plan will only be a stepping stone, a structure that helps you learn skilful eating in fastest possible way. Rest assured, you will always get feedback/suggestions when you share you meal picture over telegram with Coach.

How do you coach and produce results. What does the process looks like.

Here’s how it works-Your Hypertroph Journey will be structured and systematically divided into Phases, everything is designed by Coach Siddharth. Each Phase has specific goals. The first phase is – Phase 0 [INTRO BLOCK]. This lasts usually 2 weeks. It is designed to integrate fitness in your lifestyle and systematically learn the basics of training/nutrition. This is where you will learn proper exercise forms, portion control and how to meet your protein needs.

This is followed by Phase-1 & Phase-2 in coming weeks, where we intend to build on top of the foundation laid. Your plans are customised and Changes are made to your training and nutrition in each phase as needed. These phases will prepare you for Phase-3 where we introduce Hypertroph 3-by-5 training method. I have designed Hypertroph 3-by-5 as the ultimate training method that is flexible, adaptable and scalable in all life scenarios. Don't worry if these words don't paint a picture in your head right now - as I said, there is a learning curve.

The whole intention is to learn how to eat and how to train and become independent for life. We help you learn that fast by giving you clear action steps, what to eat, how much to eat, alternatives, how to eat outside, on vacations. Your plan will clearly explain how to train, the correct exercise forms, exercise cues and thought process. You will be asked to share your meal pictures and exercise form videos for review over Telegram. That is how coaching will happen – via feedback. This ensures continuous learning on the go. With every meal, you become a more skilful eater. With every workout you learn how to train better. With every week, you become an upgraded version of yourself and get closer towards your best shape!

I can't go to the gym. Will you provide Home Workouts?

Absolutely. Most people on their Hypertroph journey have trained only at Home in COVID times & made excellent progress. If you have a heavy enough pair of dumbells at home (10-15 kgs for most people), it will get the job done. Other helpful accessories – Bench, Resistance Bands, pair of lighter dumbells [2.5 & 5 kgs].

How will you guys monitor my progress

You will have a progress tracker that you update every day (Daily Weight, Calories, Protein, Steps, Mood, Comments). At the end of every week, your coach checks your ongoing progress & you will get a feedback message – this is usually Sunday. If there is any changes needed in your training or diet, this is where the changes will be made. Progress Sheet is our go-to source, it shows what is working well and what isn’t. It shows how consistent you are. It shows what to keep, and what to modify. It tells us how to put the best foot forward.

How long it will take me to get lean, and reach my goal. I want to be ready for a party/event in 3 months (or 1 month, or x months, basically you have a personal deadline)

This depends on where you start. For someone wanting to reach Srinagar, time taken will depend on whether he starts from Delhi, or Mumbai, or Chennai. But in either case, the road is straight and what we have to do for progress is same, it’s just the distance that differs. Your Coach has made detailed videos on Youtube to explain the math behind it.
Watch it here-
Video- How FAST can you lose FAT in 1 Week.
Video- How long does it takes to reach Six Pack

I have a lot of fat around BELLY region, will these program help me with that.

For sure. Your belly fat is gonna vanish in coming weeks. There’s a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to this topic, which you must clear up first. Please watch this video this detailed video- 3 Steps to BURN BELLY FAT

What all do I need to buy? Would we need supplements?

You don’t need anything super fancy and expensive. We recommend only the most useful stuff, and the most basic supplements that only helps us make your diet convenient on a day to day basis. Only some basic things-
1. Kitchen Scale – Amazon Link
2. Weighing Scale – Amazon Link
3. Whey Protein- Amazon Link
4. Resistance Bands (If training at home)-Amazon Link

Is there monthly payments? If yes, what is the fee structure.

One time payment will be most cost effective. You can certainly opt for monthly payments by using your Credit Card EMI structure on payment page. This is the only way to opt for EMIs.

By when can we start, once I make payment.

To keep things clean, we only start coaching of any new client from the upcoming Monday - the next new week. You will receive all the details, and expected time of delivery on email once you enroll.

Still have questions?

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