We are always on the lookout for intelligent, creative and driven individuals to Join Team Hypertroph.

Remote Work. Flexible Timings.
We'll start with a "part time role" only.


Only apply if you are a professional at content or sales.


To come with new content ideas for Youtube videos, do in-depth research, and write a video script with engaging storytelling skills to educate and entertain with empathy. You can also apply if you specialise in short-form writing.


To edit youtube videos in a professional manner with sharp cuts to hook audience, and a having a strong sense of storytelling using editing.
You can also apply if you specialise in making  catchy thumbnails on Youtube.


To take daily sales call of leads interested in buying our coaching services. You should know how to sell, how to communicate value to customer and have great people-skills.


If you specialise in making dope beats to write a rap on, and know the ins and outs of creating a rap song - using autotune, effects, and instruments as needed - then apply.

3 Simple Steps

1. Fill Affiliate Form

Once you sign up, you will get our email with next steps. IMPORTANT - Please be sure to check your SPAM section for this email.

2. Get your unique link

On your dashboard, you will see your unique hypertroph link. If anyone buys anything through this link, you earn INR 2500/-.

3. Start making money

Invite your friends/family to transform their life. Earn limitlessly. Simple.


1. Be Genuine & Trustworthy

Please only recommend our products/services to your friends/family and loved ones.
Do not use your unique link publicly as that is not our intention, and people don't appreciate that either. :)

2. Be a believer first

Only recommend our transformation program if you genuinely loved the program, if you genuinely love what we do and how we do it.

3. Incoming>Outgoing

Incoming works better than outgoing. Don't go out of your own way to recommend. Right people at the right time is most important. They should be "ready" to take action, actively looking and seeking for the right guidance, and that's where you can put out a word. :)


Who is eligible to join this affiliate program?

Only people who have enrolled in any of the Hypertroph products/services (course, coaching) can sign up to be an affiliate partner. We only want you to recommend our products/services if you really love them and believe that they are truly life-transforming. This can only be the case if you have enrolled in any of these transformation programs to experience them for yourself.

Is there any limit to how much can I earn monthly?

There shouldn't be and there isn't. You get paid INR 2500 for every sale that comes through your link. If 10 people buy, you earn INR 25000.

How long does it takes for my application to be approved for this affiliate program?

It can take upto 3 working days, as we manually verify if the applicant is eligible for this partnership or not. If you do not get any update from our side for more than 1 week and you are our existing client - please email us on

Still have questions?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please mail us using the button.

Send Us An Email


Email us with the following 5 details-
1. Your fees (per video project)
2. Your work portfolio (your best stuff so far)
3. Why do you want to Join Hypertroph?
4. Your links/socials (IG/YT/X/Website)
5. Additional Comments (if any)

Brief, candid & to the point email work best. :)