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about coach siddharth

“Your body is the only place you have got to live”, I heard that when I was in the worst shape of my life and it struck me hard – I decided to get fit. It’s not that I hadn’t tried before, but this time I was hell bent to “figure it out”.

In the process I realised how over-complicated fitness has become in the society today. I got in my best shape, and being the typical engineer mind I was in IIT - I wanted to make it simple to understand for everyone else.

Fast forward 5 years, I was working in Samsung Research. But in my heart I kept my burning 🔥 desire alive - “to simplify fitness &  nutrition for India.” I started Hypertroph on the side, within next 18 months of posting content on Youtube & Instagram, I started getting decent traction. Hypertroph became profitable enough for me to pay my bills and meet my protein needs 😂

After 3 years of working in Samsung Research as senior software engineer, I made the jump to running Hypertroph as a full time fitness & nutrition coach and educator. I have now worked with more than 1500 people all around the globe, and Hypertroph is now India’s most loved and trusted Youtube Channel.

I strongly believe each one of us CAN get in the best shape of our life, and each one of us SHOULD! Your body is the only place you have got to live, it doesn’t get more personal than this 🙂