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The Subtle Art of Natural Fitness. (To look good naked till 90!)

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December 20, 2023

Looking good naked is a worthy goal. It is not a shallow goal.

Your physique is like a good report card of your health and fitness.

If you look good naked all the time, then you are probably very healthy and very fit. You are someone who exercises regularly enough, and eats healthy enough most of the time.

Sounds simple, yet 95% fail to achieve this simplicity in life.

I say it's a noble goal to look good naked.

And if you do it right, you will unlock a unique lifestyle that keeps you fit for life!

I have unlocked this for myself, and so have my mentees.

Lifestyle design is 60% art, 40% science.

The art of finding the sweet spot between -

  • what is optimal in the books
  • what is practical in real life

At Hypertroph, we talk, teach and practice natural fitness only. (Strictly no drugs or steroids.)

And that is exactly what I will share with you in this issue of The Hypertroph Letter.

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Freedom - the ultimate luxury in life

What is Freedom?

"Freedom is the power to live as one wishes." - Cicero (100 BC)

Imagine being rich for life. Well, what does that mean?

That is to unlock a level of wealth where you know -

  • "From here on, I will always be rich enough."
  • "I would never have to worry about my money again."

It's called "Financial Freedom".

I am sure you know many people who are financially free. And that it is very doable - with proper planning and lifestyle design. Some achieve that by 30, some by 40, some by 50. Some never do.

Similarly, imagine being fit for life.

That is to unlock a level of health in life where you know -

  • "From here on, I will always be fit enough."
  • "I would never have to worry about my money again"

I call this "Essential Freedom". (Yes, I feel proud to have invented that concept. ;))

You will look good naked, be at your healthiest and perform at your best - as long as you live. Health, aesthetics, performance and longevity. Everything goes together.

I call it "essential" because money can buy everything except good health and peace of mind.

Without good health, there can be no peace of mind.

Good health is your greatest wealth.

Without good health - you can never be truly rich, truly free or truly happy. If you know, you know.

"Don't waste your life to become the wealthiest man in the cemetery." - Steve Jobs

Just like Financial Freedom, this too is very achievable with proper planning and lifestyle design. Some achieve it by 20, some by 40, some by 60. Some never do.

The truth is that our quality of life will always be directly proportional to our freedom in life.

And freedom needs to be earned separately in each area of  our life - health, wealth, relationships. They make the 4 Fs of Freedom - fitness, finances, friends and family.

Broke people spend more than what they earn. Unhealthy people eat more than what they burn.

Health and wealth stays with those who make more deposits than withdrawals.

How to achieve this "Essential Freedom".

"Health" should be your natural state of being. It should not be a chore.

The goal is to make fitness effortless. And for that, you need to move beyond "fitness plans".

Fitness has to become your lifestyle. A way of thinking. A way of moving through life.

But how?

Well, to put it simply - you only need to ensure 3 things.

  1. Exercise regularly enough
     - 3-5 times/week
    - 60-90 mins workout
    - that's 4-8 hrs workout/week
     - of that time, 50% should be strength training
  2. Eat healthy enough
     - 80% whole foods for health
     - portion control for calorie control
     - 1.6-2 gms/kg protein
  3. Sleep well
     - no compromise on 8 hrs/night
     - unless you naturally need less hours
     - ideally wake up early enough to observe sunrise
     - this syncs your circadianwith earth. (best case)

So this is how you need to live. Hopefully simple, and not too much to ask.

I said this is "how you need to live".

You don't need another "90 day plan". Rather, you need to craft a "90 year lifestyle".

You need to become a self-reliant individual.

Also I must point out - nothing about this lifestyle is "hard".

We live in the age of instant gratification.

Society eats so much junk that eating real food is considered as dieting. Exercise is seen as punishment. Food is seen as entertainment. Health disorders are normalised.

Of course, if someone is used to chasing instant gratification all day every day - then they will face a great inertia to make this lifestyle change.

Surely, it would seem "difficult" at first. But truth be told - it's not difficult, it's simply "different".

Newton's first law states that ”every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force.”

So you see - maintenance of state always feels easy, no matter whether you are rich or broke, no matter whether you are in shape or out of shape.

It's the change of state - that needs a massive shift in your thoughts, actions and lifestyle.

The fitter you are - the easier it is to stay fit.

The rich gets richer. The fit gets fitter.

That’s the way it works.

2 skills you need for Essential Freedom

People who have achieved essential freedom - have basically mastered 2 key fitness skills.

If you learn these 2 skills, no force in the world can stop you from staying fit.

Fitness then becomes your lifestyle. And health becomes your natural state of being.

Let's dive in.

Skill 1 - How to train

The goal of your "training plan" should be for you to learn "how to train" so that you don't need to keep switching to a "new" workout plan anymore.

You want to learn how to train, and a system of training that is effective, simple and flexible. And thus sustainable.

You want to become independent on the gym floor, instead of hopping from one trainer’s workout plan to the next trainer’s workout plan.

You want to be self-reliant. You want to know how to train your body in all possible cases-

  • a proper gym, full 90 mins for a proper workout
  • travelling, and have access to a mini hotel gym
  • no gym access, can only train at home with resistance bands
  • no time, can only train for 30 minutes
  • only 2 days in week to train

Life situations can be very complex, and they often knock without prior notice.

A rigid workout plan is simply not a complete solution to such challenges.

We want a plan of action that is designed for success in n number of cases, and not just a perfect ideal case. Because such is not the nature of life.

Skill 2 - How to eat

Similarly, in nutrition - a diet plan is not the long-term solution.

The goal of your "nutrition plan" should be for you to learn "how to eat" so that you don't need a diet plan anymore.

You must learn how to eat and become a skillful eater.

Look, you are going to eat 3-5 times everyday for the rest of your life.

How you eat will determine who you are - your health, how you look naked, how you feel, how fit/fat you are..

If there is one skill in life that you ought to know well - it would be "how to eat".

You want to learn how to eat, and a framework of nutrition that is effective, simple and flexible. And thus sustainable.

You want to be self-reliant. You want to know how to eat in any life scenario-

  • at home with a kitchen scale, everything under control
  • constantly eating out while travelling
  • in a party or a social event with some “non-avoidable drinking”
  • festivals, buffets, birthdays..etc

We need a plan of action designed for success in the face of any life situation. When life knocks, as it surely will - we need to be well prepared as a skillful eater. So that we can say "yes" to life.

The choice is yours - you can either be a skillful eater or the guy who doesn't know how to eat. (must follow his cute little "diet plan".)

A skillful eater understands food & can make his own decisions on any given day.

He can eat anywhere - whether he is on a travel, in a party or on a date. Because he knows how to eat.

His thinking is flexible and adaptable and that gives him freedom.

Whereas, the guy on a "fixed rigid diet plan" doesn’t understand food. He can only follow the rules laid down in his cute little diet plan.

If a scenario happens where he can not follow the “diet plan” - he assumes failure and lets it all go to hell.

He is punishing himself for some imagined sins of the past to become fit.

People binge eat and justify by saying “today I am not following diet”.

What utter stupidity.

By the way, if you want a step by step body transformation plan -

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Then I invite you to join my transformation course.

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Final Words

To bring it full circle, remember that freedom is the ultimate luxury in life.

Your quality of life depends on your net freedom.

Essential Freedom is as important as Financial Freedom - if not more.

To achieve essential freedom - you need to look at fitness as lifestyle.

You don't need another 90 day plan, you need to craft a 90 year lifestyle.

Simply put, you need to master 2 key fitness skills -
 - how to train
 - how to eat


Hope you enjoyed reading and found this letter valuable.

Now, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Hearing back from you makes me happy, and getting your feedback helps me improve.

- Ask me a question.

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- Was this valuable to you, any suggestions/feedback for me?

Anything, really. Simply click here to comment, and I will reply.

Have a great day.


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