Top 10 Diet Rules to Look Good Naked

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March 19, 2023

Hey friends.

When it comes to managing our diet, we all just want 2 things.

The diet should-

  • Keep us in our best health [Inner Fitness]
  • Keep us in our best shape [Outer Fitness]

Put simply, we want to feel great inside and look great naked.

Pretty simple isn't it. Well, truth is always simple.

Yet, when it comes to making food choices for such a diet - people often feel the whole thing very complicated.

Here is a simple framework that will manage your diet.

Just understand 2 key concepts:

  • Diet Quality [Nutrition: Protein, Healthy Fats, Fiber, Micronutrients]
  • Diet Quantity [Calories]

Food Quality determines your health.
Food Quantity determines your weight loss. [Calorie Intake]

If you are out of shape and need to lose fat - then you need to create a calorie deficit in your diet. Which simply means to sensibly reduce your diet quantity.

Also, if you find yourself to be out of shape - then chances are you have never really paid attention to either your diet quality or your diet quantity.

Basically, you have been eating:

  • a moderate-to-low diet quality [Under-nourished]
  • a moderate-to-high diet quantity [Overfed]

Isn't that strange. But it's true.

Most people are undernourished, overfed, and under-exercised.

You simply have to flip this script.

What you need from here is:

  • a high diet quality [Well-nourished]
  • a moderate-to-low diet quantity [Calorie Deficit]

And here is what makes this easy. If you improve your diet quality, then your diet quantity will also reduce!

The top 10 tips to improve your diet quality:

  • Eat sufficient protein
    Eat 1.6-1.8 grams/kg.
    For obese people: 1 g/lb lean body mass.

  • Eat fruits and vegetables at least twice a day
    This is the good stuff.
    Full of minerals, vitamins and fibers.

  • Include green vegetables cleverly in diet
    Again, the good stuff. Brings in a lot of minerals, vitamins and fiber.
    Ideas- salads, paranthe, saag like palak chicken or palak paneer, smoothies.

  • Eat 3-5 whole eggs per day
    Nature’s multivitamin. Nutrition bombs.
    If you eat eggs - leverage them!

  • Eat healthy fats
    Avoid trans fats and hydrogenated oils at all costs. They are toxic for heart health.

  • Avoid eating out, minimise junk food
    You don’t know the fats used in cooking and preservation. You don't know the food quality of ingredients. This is basically unchartered territory. Warren Buffet says "Risk comes from now knowing what you are doing."

    These foods are usually calorie dense, hyper-palatable and designed for overeating.

  • Eat 90% Whole foods, 10% processed foods
    By “whole foods” - we mean the food is minimally processed after sourcing it from nature. The more it gets processed in industry and manufacturing - the less nutritious it becomes. (in most cases)

  • Limit Sugar
    Sugar would come in the “10% processed foods” category. It is highly processed and has no nutrition. We call these “empty calories”.

  • Supplement Omega-3, Vitamin D3
    Omega-3 is basically essential fats. Vitamin D3 is an essential micro-nutrient. "Essential" is something we can not survive without, like "protein". We don’t get enough of these 2 in diet.

  • Get blood checkup done
    It's a good idea to get these health checkups done atleast once a year. And it's a very good idea if you have never got one done. :)

    According to the reports, you must supplement for any other mineral/vitamin deficiency you have. Common deficiencies include - Iron, Vitamin B12.

Follow these simple principles - your diet quality will increase. And as your diet quality increases - your diet quantity will decrease automatically. Fitness will become a by-product.

As you are eating more whole foods, essential nutrients and high protein - your net calorie intake will reduce. Your stomach will be fuller in less calories and will stay full for a longer time. Your hunger management will be better.

You will not overeat when you eat this way. Ever seen someone overeating on eggs? Or spinach? Or any of the whole foods?

Unmanaged overeating here and there, done over the years, is what causes excess fat gain in the first place.

Healthy eating is simple.
Here’s the key to healthy eating: To get more from less.

More nutrition from lesser calories.
More substance from less fluff.
Maximising value, Minimising cost.
Simple is beautiful.

To make progress towards your fitness goal in the fastest manner, I suggest that you start with some numbers.

Because numbers help you see things objectively, and what gets measured gets managed.

The 2 most important nutrition targets are:

  • Know your daily calorie budget
  • Know your protein intake

Here is a detailed hypertroph tutorial to calculate these 2 numbers for yourself.

Once you know these nutrition targets, put in 4 sincere weeks to eat a high quality diet while adhering to these 2 nutrition targets. That's all the game you need!

This is how you simplify your diet.
Of course, strength training 3-5 times/week is just as important if you are serious about your outer and inner fitness.

Hope this issue helps!
Have a great day.



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